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Mike Burrows – Leading with Outcomes

This is the first training outside the UK for three years and the only one in Germany for foreseeable time!

This training will strengthen your leadership abilities and the perception of your role as a leader. Mike innovated through Agendashift a new way in the business of building wholehearted organisations through an aligned strategy. This training delivers the insights and the abilities that you can make use of it.

With this training you’re up against three universal challenges:

  • People disengaged by the repeated failure of imposed solutions
  • Hidden systems reinforcing old behaviours, driving the same old results
  • The crucial innovations failing to materialise

Our rating for this training is
5 stars

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  • practice-oriented
  • interactive
  • small groups

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Upcoming events

This year will be the first training outside UK and the only one in Germany! Take your chance to experience this training not remotely but on site – with Mike Burrows himself on your side.

Soon we will announce the exact date, but in the meantime you can preorder your ticket with a short note at – we will keep you updated!


Leadership and strategy facilitators



2 days




Leading with Outcomes: Foundation

Inside-out Strategy: Fit for maximum impact

What is it about?

Creating a common understanding of strategic topics and targets is painful. There are many ways to do strategy in organizations, most fail in practice. Either because strategy is too high level, too sophisticated or because daily tasks overrule strategic efforts. 

On top of that creating alignment is tough: When strategy comes top down it often misses input from those in charge; when it is created bottom up often the bigger context is missing and bringing together the different ideas is time consuming, difficult and demanding. 

The additional influence of the leader is those environments sometimes considered more disturbing than helpful, let alone motivating and inspiring. As a consequence many organizations lack a realistic strategy, lack alignment, lack attention for the strategy and it becomes decoupled from the real needs and opportunities of the organization as well as from the daily business. Disengagement may be the consequence and old behaviors cannot be overcome

The same pattern applies when going towards more operational or project oriented work: Overoptimism, ignorance of ideas, needs and abilities and lack of alignment lead to missing goals and ignorance of desired outcomes.

Content of the training:

In this training you get the opportunity to combine the 2 most impactful elements out of the toolbox by Mike Burrows in one live-event in Berlin:

Day 1 – Leading with Outcomes: Foundation

  • Exploring the motivation for Leading with Outcomes
  • Introducing its key patterns, most especially Ideal, Obstacles, Outcomes, the IdOO (“I do”) pattern
  • Try simplified versions of inside-out and outside-in strategy for yourself
  • Get a quick taste of adaptive organisation
  • Leadership takeaways with every chapter

Day 2 – Inside-out strategy: Fit for maximum impact

What is it really like to work inside your organisation? What could it be like? And what stops it from making the impact it should? Everything you need to develop an engaging and purpose-driven strategy that starts with its internal experience.

  • Getting everyone on the same page: Context, adaptive challenges, purpose, and the Agendashift delivery assessment
  • Adapted for solo use, our Clean Language-inspired coaching game 15-minute FOTO, Challenge Mapping and How Might we…?
  • Organising strategy visually; ideation, experimentation, and feedback loops; Designing your inside-out strategy sprint

The trainer

Mike Burrows

Mike’s pioneering work in the pursuit of the wholehearted and deliberately adaptive organisation brings a needs-based and outcome-oriented perspective to leadership, strategy, and transformation. Mike has real-world experience as a global leader in world-class organisations and clients in government, finance, industry, and the not-for-profit sectors.

Why this is important:

In this training you will become familiar with the approach of leading with outcomes as well as with the tools Mike created for Agendashift’s purpose:

  • Help you increase effective participation across and between strategy, development, and delivery
  • Help you articulate the outcomes around which your operational, improvement, and transformational work should be aligned, a facilitated, participatory process
  • Help your organisation embrace the language of outcomes, minimising lazy prescription and freeing people and teams to find innovative solutions to your most important challenges
  • Help your organisation on its path to wholeheartedness, facilitating the formation, pursuit, and ongoing development of an effective transformation strategy

Who is this training suitable for?

For practitioners in leadership, strategy and change: This training is for eexperienced as well as aspiring leaders that look for a way to bridge the gaps between strategy, organizational development and delivery and this way to strengthen the abilities and culture of their organization.

What do you get out of it?

Three principles guide everything we do:

  • Keep asking the agreement on outcomes question:
    What if we put agreement on outcomes ahead of solutions?
  • Keep bringing outcomes to the foreground
  • Keep finding new places for strategy to happen

For the big strategy occasions, for those everyday interactions, and for everything in between, we help leaders at all levels put those principles into practice:

  • Having the kinds of conversations that too often get missed
  • Working backwards from key moments of impact and learning
  • Engaging with their organisations in all of their complexity

This training helps in bridging the gaps: Strategy, organisation development and delivery integrated and made whole through participation. The language of outcomes inviting leadership at every level. You and your organisation will benefit from new conversations and new kinds of conversation, solutions emerging from the people closest to the problem.

“This is a very precious opportunity:
Mike has been a friend and partner of leanovate for many years and we share the mission to help organisations grow in wholeheartedness – helping them become less at war with themselves, their obstacles, imbalances and contradictions; creating both value and meaning in the process.”

Markus Hippeli, CEO of leanovate


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